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The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast features Drew Manning of Drew brings his unique perspective on health and fitness to the podcasting world. Drew gained international media attention from his journey of gaining and losing 75 lbs. on purpose by blogging and writing a NY Times Best Selling book about it (Fit2Fat2Fit). Drew dives into why diets don't work, why people lose weight only to gain it back. Why does it seem so hard? Because focusing on just nutrition and exercise is missing the mark. Overall health and wellness is key to long-term success and often our industry neglects this. Drew answers your questions and interview leaders in the industry to share secrets about real transformation and long term success. Health is not just working out and eating wholesome foods, it is also mental, emotional, and spiritual. Change comes from the inside out so join us on this journey!
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Dec 29, 2015

Our kids pick up on everything we do. They notice how we treat ourselves, how we treat each other and how we treat them. If you take care of yourself physically and mentally, they are more than likely to mimic you and understand the importance of self-care. If they observe you being a good spouse, they will appreciate how they should be treated when it’s their turn to be a spouse. So, put away your phone, sit down with your children and ask them well thought-out open-ended questions they can answer with spirit.

This week’s guest, Larry Hagner of the Good Dad Project, guides us through his journey and shares the important lessons he has learned by trying to be the father his kids deserve.


Key Takeaways:

[4:33] Unbeatable Mind – It’s all about perception

[9:43] Are you going to be my Dad?

[15:58] Confronting the past can lead to a beneficial future

[21:00] Practicing personal growth tactics to become a better father

[23:30] Analyzing the statistics

[26:09] The cool thing about fathering a daughter

[27:27] The Dad’s Edge is written specifically for men

[28:28] Lessons children can teach us about unplugging

[34:03] Health and nutrition are paramount

[39:23] Learn something new every day to help you be a better parent

[45:54] The Dad’s Edge is written for individuals

[48:11] The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions

[49:52] Learning nutrition from Shawn Stevenson

[55:45] The Lightning Round!

[59:15] Wait, is Shawn on this podcast too?

[1:03:37] Larry would not do a Fit2Fat2Fit experience

[1:05:28] The new Fit2Fat2Fit TV show will air in January 19, 2016

[1:08:05] Contact Larry Hagner



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The Good Dad Project


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Dec 22, 2015

Do you ever wonder how some people can take blow after blow and still have the strength to be positive? Our guest, Sarah Plummer, tells us exactly how she does it. As a female marine, she felt the drive to excel physically and fell victim to physical abuse. She made headlines with the part she played in the Military Justice Improvement Act, and her book, Just Roll with it, recently got to bookstore shelves. She promotes healthy living through yoga retreats and draws from her experiences to help clients attain desired fitness levels. 


Key Takeaways:

[3:01] Drew’s big announcement!

[4:52] Sarah was a student athlete in a military family

[8:06] The full injury report

[12:02] Finding the strength to overcome

[14:53] Having a silly side can help you cope

[17:14] A systemic failure in the military

[20:27] The Military Improvement to the Justice Act

[24:20] Does movement promotes epiphanies?

[30:41] Make your breath your own, through yoga

[37:10] Taking a client-centered approach is what differentiates Sarah’s program

[40:29] Grab Sarah’s book, Just Roll with it

[43:09] Contact Sarah

[44:15] The Lightning Round - Krispy Kreme

[49:29] Sarah would do a Fit2Fat2Fit journey



Quest Nutrition



Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit TV on A&E - January 12, 2016

Just Roll with it







Dec 8, 2015

The human body is a machine designed to heal itself. It is capable of producing exactly what your cells need if given the right fuel (aka the proper nutrients). But before you put any food in your mouth, you need to feed your head. Positive thoughts and confidence can simplify your new lifestyle change. Allow your body to tell you what it wants and needs. There is a movement afoot to prevent chronic illnesses by way of proper nutrition. But until that takes hold, you need to look after yourself and your loved ones with activities that bring you joy, and with foods that empower your cells. .


Key Takeaways:

[4:51] Increasing hormones through song and dance

[6:59] We are hardwired to learn through our auditory senses

[10:00] Improving your nutrient profile improves your health

[12:25] Shawn felt like he should be a doctor, but not in the traditional sense

[13:54] At 15, Shawn was given drugs for a broken hip instead of nutritional information

[15:29] The nocebo effect is scientifically proven

[18:06] It’s all in your mind

[18:47] Shawn “Fluffy” Combs made a decision to get well

[20:55] Nutrition and hydration

[23:13] Raw materials allow the body to rebuild itself

[25:08] Calcium supplements increase risk of heart attack and stroke

[27:29] Find strategic ways to sneak green, leafy vegetables into your diet

[29:51] Reversing chronic illnesses by changing your lifestyle

[33:08] People noticed the transformation after 9 months

[36:58] Classically trained doctors go through medical training, but not nutritional training

[38:10] Health care professionals may live 10 years less than their patients

[41:22] Nutrigenomics - The power of food

[43:58] Listen to your own body

[46:13] Humans have tried to eat everything

[48:32] Eating raw foods only, is like being on an extended cleanse

[50:00] Be true to yourself, whatever you choose to do

[54:12] Lynn is a much evolved human being

[55:10] Be the example you want your kids to see and mimic

[1:01:32] Contact Shawn and listen to his podcast, The Model Health Show

[1:03:30] The Lightning Round

[1:08:56] Creating Shawn’s most embarrassing moment




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Dec 1, 2015

In this refreshingly open and honest conversation with Shaun T, we explore the beauty of believing in ourselves. Shaun experienced mental and physical abuse from an authority figure when he was young. He knew this type of environment is toxic, so he decided to head to LA to become a dancer. He now encourages people to be the best they can be by enhancing their lives with workout programs designed to uplift the body and the soul. He makes his decisions based on love and leads by example. “We only have one life to live,” he says and he intends to make the most of it.


Key Takeaways:

[3:57] How did Drew and Shaun T meet?

[6:45] Shaun closed himself up to the world until the age of 14

[9:47] Gaining 50 pounds led to Shaun’s fitness journey

[12:02] Driving across the country to become a professional dancer

[15:11] Shaun met his husband in New York but eventually moved to Arizona

[16:33] Ten years with Beachbody allowed Shaun to enhance people’s lives

[20:21] Developing a new workout is draining, both physically and emotionally

[24:46] Staying positive and spontaneous starts with answering “what is it that you want?”

[27:12] Accepting your body type and all of its changes

[30:20] Don’t forget about the overweight person - it’s the person who started your journey

[33:21] Dealing with prejudice about homosexuality was easier for me than my husband

[37:22] Sexuality is more about who you love and not about sex

[40:03] We only have one life

[41:18] My Diet is Better than Yours, premier airs on January 7th on ABC

[44:52] The Lightning Round - Using your assets

[49:43] Shaun and Lynn are moving to a nudist colony

[52:31] Six months of apple crisp isn’t enough to motivate Shaun to do a Fit2Fat2Fit journey


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Trust and Believe Podcast

My Diet is Better than Yours - Premier airs January 7th on ABC




Nov 24, 2015

Many people think of getting fit or weight-loss as a purely physical thing, but Drew reminds us of the mental and emotional challenges, which can be the toughest part of the journey. Our guest, Simply Sadie Jane shares with us the best fitness advice she ever received, a daily affirmation that helped her attain her goal. She also opens up about her experiences of being a heavier person for most of her life and how she was able to overcome her previous habits to become the satisfied, fit person she is today.


Key Takeaways:

[5:06] Sadie started the blog because she was inspired by the women she was helping

[8:45] I wanted to be healthy for my kids so I changed my nutrition

[12:33] Doctors and nurses can be really unhealthy

[15:06] I realized there was no balance and that you need to let stuff go if you can’t get it done

[18:22] I used Crossfit to get the most out of my body, now we have one in our garage

[21:09] Craigslist is a great place to find used exercise equipment

[25:37] Start improving your Crossfit forms at home, which will make it easier when you get to the gym

[27:22] We work out at home and at the gym

[30:41] Stop saying you are going to start over and just take it one day at a time

[33:13] The best advice Sadie ever received was a mantra

[37:00] Positive affirmations are NOT just for women

[39:06] The Lightning Round! Channing Tat-YUM

[47:48] Being the heavy cheerleader was tough, so I wouldn’t want to go back

[49:17] Contact information for Simply Sadie Jane



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Nov 17, 2015

Drew and Tim Ballard met at their mutual workout club in Utah. When Drew found out what Tim did for a living, he and Heidi started contributing to Operation Underground Railroad. The organization rescues children who have been enslaved into the sex trade industry. They are involved in missions all over the world, including inside U.S. borders. Tim says his exercise program allows him to keep himself strong in mind and body. Be warned, there are parts of this episode that you might find disturbing due to the subject matter. Please turn that disturbance into a donation to Operation Underground Railroad.


Key Takeaways:

[1:43] Background information about Tim & Operation Underground Railroad 

[6:15] Tim worked for the CIA & Homeland Security but didn’t want to work in child crime

[8:32] The hardest part was seeing the kids who couldn’t be rescued because of their jurisdiction

[10:59] But sex slavery doesn’t happen in the United States, right? *sensitive content*

[14:07] The government doesn’t offer any rehabilitation, private organizations are needed to help

[17:36] Tim uses his faith and CrossFit to emotionally enjoy his time with his family after work

[19:38] CrossFit reached out to us and became our corporate sponsor

[24:30] Big celebrity names help us promote what we are doing

[27:24] Our goal is to show the kids who they really are and what potential they have

[29:20] Operations are varied and we are building technology tools

[35:05] Is there a danger in being a volunteer or a part of this organization?

[38:56] The more resources we get the more kids we can save

[40:41] Visit CrossFit box in Draper, Utah and see the Abolitionist movie to support the cause



The Abolitionist

Operation Underground Railroad

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KSL - Operation Underground Railroad story

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Nov 10, 2015

If you think eating healthy means you need to spend hours in the kitchen doing meal prep, you need to listen to this episode. We have insider secrets on how to make basic or staple foods in advance and simply add spices when you are ready to heat and eat your meals. “Getting recipes from someone whose favorite meal is pancakes works for me” says Lynn. Jasmine shares with us how a Groupon changed her free ice cream everyday life into a healthy life which includes 6 healthy recipe cookbooks and powerlifting workouts.


Key Takeaways:

[5:23] What exactly does Jasmine do?

[6:12] Social media is a big shift in sharing common interests

[7:58] Jasmine got free ice cream every day at her HR position at Nestle

[11:56] Someone suggested writing an e-cookbook

[14:24] Jasmine had support but everyone said she was crazy to quit her job in 2013

[18:37] You can make your favorite food into a healthy, affordable meal

[21:32] Jasmine’s Instagram account is filled with creative, delicious recipes

[23:09] Meal prep can be simple, don’t underestimate seasoning

[26:24] Jazzy’s top 5 seasonings

[29:22] Daily habits can help you to keep your health and fitness goals

[32:40] Jazzy’s daily routine starts with your favorite breakfast

[37:43] Reading is very important because it gives you time to re-focus

[40:26] Powerlifting for strength not for mass is Jasmine’s workout routine

[45:51] Try something new in your fitness routine to keep things exciting

[47:57] The Lightning Round! - Rock-ing the fanny pack jokes, down under

[55:19] Jazzy WOULD do Fit2Fat2Fit on purpose

[58:14] Contact information for Jasmine



Jazzy Things



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Nov 3, 2015

What a burst of energy this guy is. Bruce Pitcher and Drew met on Season 3 of Extreme Weight Loss (EWL). Bruce’s story is so touching, so potent and so raw it impacts everyone who hears it. After years of hiding a secret about his father, Bruce gradually gained weight until he reached 410 lbs. Becoming a participant on EWL changed Bruce’s life forever. He found unbridled support from the fitness coaches which helped him to turn his health around. He now works on fitness boot camps, speaks motivationally and encourages people with his voracious energy to take continue on their journey to better health.


Key Takeaways:

[4:15] Bruce and Drew met on a mind-blowing episode of Extreme Weight Loss

[6:08] Bruce’s memories of his father’s arrest and his suicide attempt

[13:03] Weight started piling on quickly and I weighed as much as 410 pounds

[14:47] Feeling the love from people on the show gave me the confidence to confront my dad

[17:57] Chris made me realize I didn’t keep the promises I made to myself

[20:28] Tommy is a Crossfit freak and everybody should be lifting weights

[26:25] Knowing your “why” behind your fitness goals

[31:34] Bruce’s energy is contagious

[32:43] The naked squat in front of the mirror and 3 random positive comments before 10 am

[33:58] Meal prep is a daily habit which can push you in the right directions

[36:51] What supplements does Bruce take

[39:24] Bruce’s goal for next year 

[40:10] Lynn doesn’t enjoy Crossfit, just keep your Crossfit talk to yourself

[42:54] The Lightning Round

[44:34] Chris & Heidi Powell impressions

[46:47] Some random fitness talk which includes frams

[48:34] Contact info for Bruce



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Bruce Pitcher on FB






Oct 27, 2015

Little changes can make all the difference in your family's health. Our bodies need the nutrients fresh food contains. Processed foods may seem easier at the time but the toll it takes on our bodies is enormous. If you want to feel better, lose weight and increase your energy levels try a green smoothie. It’s as simple as dumping vegetables and fruits in a blender. It’s nature’s pharmacy in a glass.


Key Takeaways:

[4:18] So are you Robyn or Green Smoothie Girl

[5:15] Robyn’s very real journey of health problems

[9::25] And one day she unintentionally made her first green smoothie

[10:32] Little changes made her kids healthier

[15:34] Tips for kids - Get sugar out of your house!

[16:11] We stopped getting sick when we stopped eating the processed food

[16:22] Wife Swap started a rush of hits on

[17:47] She pays her son to make the smoothies and to do the dishes

[18:25] What exactly is Robyn’s green smoothie

[20:30] The difference between juicing and whole food blending

[27:31] Robyn’s everyday exercise routine

[31:00] A cheat food is chai tea, iced coffee, wine and chocolate

[34:41] We are what we eat

[37:28] Balance is overrated just do the best you can

[40:12] The Lightning Round

[43:13] Compassion for people who are overweight

[44:35] Be the Change Tour is coming up


GreenSmoothieGirl's PINK Breakfast Smoothie!

1 1/2 cups coconut juice

1/4 cup raw cashews

2-4 large dates, pitted

1 large chunk of a raw beet, peeled

1 large carrot, in chunks

12 large frozen strawberries (or a 10 oz. bag)


Blend all but strawberries in a turbo blender until smooth. Add strawberries and blend 90 seconds until smooth. Enjoy immediately!

Note: I like to ferment my coconut juice using water kefir grains, for probiotics for gut health! I keep it on my counter every day, to drain off into my blender, and "start" some new "coconut juice kefir."



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Oct 20, 2015

Wait, what? It’s true, Melissa is a New York Times bestselling co-author, a mother, she’s super smart and has great hair. You may be thinking it isn’t fair, but Melissa pushed reset on her old eating habits and makes deliberate decisions about what she puts in her body. Her Whole30 program, which she designed with her husband Dallas, provides tools and resources which put people on the path of better health and overall wellness. She explains why it’s not the best idea to integrate a vegan diet or intermittent fasting into the program and how the program will change your life in just 30 days.


Key Takeaways:

[:52] Quest Nutrition

[1:31] Dollar Workout Club is an amazing program

[4:48] The whole30 is a program which pushes the reset button

[6:29] Focus on the positives of the 30-day program

[9:56] Drew’s experience with the Whole30

[13:05] The absence of trigger foods is a compromise at 30 days

[14:30] : (

[14:52] It’s about changing habits, chewing gum is a stress response

[16:44] The Whole30 & intermittent fasting don’t combine well

[20:44] Vegans can implement pieces of the program

[23:54] Feeding your child for better health

[29:23] Articles on how to get your family on board with the program

[31:00] This is designed to be a short-term dietary reset

[34:08] I’ve learned to make conscious, deliberate decisions about what I eat

[36:23] Leak alert - Happy, healthy pregnancies project

[39:27] Setting expectations with family, friends and colleagues

[44:47] The Lightning Round

[45:25] Paleo in the media

[51:23] Emotional relationship with food




The Whole9

The Whole30

It Starts with Food

Fit2Fat2Fit - @fit2fat2fit

2Fitathome - @2fitathome

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Oct 13, 2015

Getting your fitness groove on is difficult at first. Fear of being judged at the gym can cause you to skip your workout. But what do you do when you really want to lose the baby weight, tone your muscles and make yourself healthier and happier? Try focusing on only the things you are able to change and make small, attainable goals for yourself. Lynn’s soul sister and stunt double, Natalie, shares with us how her honesty led her to a new career, a healthier life and gained her millions of followers. Plus, 3 grocery store hacks you can use to buy nutritious, tasty food for less money.


Key Takeaways:

[:59] Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar - Yes please and follow it up with a Dollar Workout Club Video

[3:28] Natalie never thought she would be in the health and fitness industry

[5:01] Without 12-week trainer my fitness journey may not have happened

[6:10] Finding ways to make eating healthy taste good

[8:30] We were swimming in student loan debt, so I needed to work

[14:32] I used exercise as self-care when I reached mommy burnout

[17:35] Getting women on the same page

[19:30] Frustration about my body changes and no one talked about it

[21:20] Natalie’s #ownit campaign - Focus on things you can change

[27:00] Helping with the Perfectly Imperfect campaign

[28:47] There have been mean comments

[29:36] Men have insecurities and inadequacies too

[31:47] Dave Ramsey Podcast

[33:05] Natalie’s grocery store hacks

[39:10] Dealing with a spouse who is not on board

[43:07] Lynn survives being thrown under the bus by Drew, again

[44:10] It’s a difficult situation discussing your fitness goals with your spouse

[47:30] A 3rd child?

[48:20] Natalie would do a fit2fat2fit journey

[50:30] The Lightning Round - Accidents happen



Quest Nutrition

Natalie Hodson


Dollar Workout Club

LiveFit Trainer



Smart Money, Smart Kids




Oct 6, 2015

Matt shares with us the responsibilities of an executive producer for a weight loss, reality show. Extreme Weight Loss works with clients, who have over 200 pounds to shed, for over a year. It starts with setting proper expectations and creating weight loss goals for each individual and ends with skin reduction surgery for the clients who meet their goals. The shows’ producers and hosts become friends, confidants and cheerleaders with the clients as they feel the pressure to succeed. And, when the show is finished filming you move on to next season’s clients.


Key Takeaways:

[:39] Quest nutrition uses high-quality ingredients

[2:44] Who is Matt Assmus and what does he do

[7:55] Extreme Weight Loss, creating the show

[11:17] Setting proper expectations for weight loss

[12:46] Skin surgery after losing 50% body weight

[14:38] Chris & Heidi develop individualized plans for each person

[15:57] Casting looks for people who are at their last resort

[19:10] We naturally brought in Heidi

[21:44] Chris believes everybody’s story

[23:44] Putting pressure on the clients to reach their goals

[27:21] Clients support each other and are given local trainers

[30:11] How many people gain the weight back after the show

[31:19] Staying in the public eye helps people keep the weight off

[33:57] It’s hard for clients to be invisible after being on the show

[34:50] There is no transition program after the show

[36:21] If you’ve lost 200 lbs. you are an inspiration to many

[37:51] A viewing party let me see the effects our show is having

[42:00] Weight loss shows bring obesity to the forefront

[46:22] We wanted to show the effects of the weight loss other than the weight loss

[47:32] The Lightning Round



Quest Nutrition

Extreme Weight Loss

3 Ball Productions

Extreme Weight Loss FB page


Sep 29, 2015

For years Kevin says he just couldn’t master the whole diet thing until his doctor gave him a wake up call. His original blog was intended to hold himself accountable for his food choices and lifestyle but his message resonated to both English and Spanish speaking communities. He now has the number one food app and says the real key to good health is nutrition. 


Key Takeaways:

[:18] Low net carbs & high quality protein in Quest bars

[3:24] Who is Kevin Curry?

[4:16] I couldn’t master the whole diet thing, then I had a wake up call

[6:26] I started my blog to help myself but then other people needed help too

[9:04] Understanding the addiction of food

[12:23] Building the physique of your dreams

[15:12] I wanted to delay the real world so I taught hip hop dance

[19:20] I caught a lot of flack for reaching out so much

[20:53] Kevin’s typical day is better in the summer

[24:44] A pre-workout meal and a post-workout meal

[28:24] Don’t buy processed stuff from the store

[29:51] $60 bucks a week for food is all I had so I had to make it work

[34:04] It’s deliberate that there is no diet related to my recipes

[34:51] Vegan recipes are so creative

[36:30] I naturally appeal to women but I have 60% male audience and 40% female

[37:27] I do a traditional body building routine 4 times a week

[40:08] The Lightning Round

[46:01] Just drink water

[46:48] It would be hard for me to a fit2fat2fit experience

[48:58] How to contact Kevin on social media - Get the app



Quest Nutrition

Fit Men Cook

No Cheats Needed



Tough Mudder



Sep 22, 2015

Cassey worked hard to be the best at everything while growing up and her parents assumed she would be a doctor or a lawyer. When she told them she was pursuing other goals of the entrepreneurial nature they withheld their support for almost 2 years. Although it was difficult to be without them Cassey used the time to learn design and pilates. She now runs her successful OGorgeous accessory business, has 2.5 million followers, is preparing her workout program for a major fitness gym and helps people become who they want to be with authentic videos and blogs.


Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Quest Nutrition is a great snack to have on hand

[3:05] Who is Cassey and what is OGorgeous

[4:38] Cassey learned designing through the trial and error method

[5:17] Owning the title of one of the top 25 fitness influencers in the world

[7:30] Cassey is down to earth and body positive

[8:28] Drew helped me through a body plateau

[10:44] I had a candy biz when I was younger and sold Cassey’s Crack Cookies

[15:01] As an entrepreneur I can work harder to become more successful

[17:19] My parents have come around and are now willing to help me with my business

[18:49] Social media comments started to get under my skin so I made the video

[22:56] You can’t judge a book by its cover

[25:34] Most of the mean comments come from women - they must be hurting so much

[28:17] Cassey’s Fitness Tip - Find the joy in working out

[31:25] I work out all the time and my muscles still spasm after a hard workout

[32:56] A typical breakfast includes eggs

[35:00] Sam is the strategist behind the business plus he knows how to make me look good

[39:42] Google Sam & Cassey Ho

[40:40] Fit2Fat2Fit Journey - Growing up chubby was hard I was extremely body conscious

[49:07] The Lightning Round

[52:16] The epic meal portion food challenge

[55:18] My pilates will be the official pilates of 24 Hour Fitness




Quest Nutrition


ThePerfectBody - Youtube video





Sep 15, 2015

You may know her as the meaner of the two trainers on Extreme Weight Loss but as Heidi sees it she is being a true friend to her trainee’s. She uses her own past of binging and purging to help people address the emotional aspect of a bad body image. She wants to be the person she wishes had when she went through dark times. Heidi knows that leading by example is the best way to help her children stay healthy in body and mind and just like the rest of us works hard to create the proper balance of work and family life. 


Key Takeaways:

[:15] When we travel it’s so convenient to have a Quest protein bar

[2:05] Heidi opens up about her eating disorder and teaching her kids healthy eating habits

[4:28] It’s hard to find people with good intentions, so when you find them hold on to them

[5:40] I was so happy to find like minded people who understand

[6:12] Perfectly Imperfect - removing shame and finding a balance with who we are

[9:05] Your body type is your body type and it’s beautiful

[11:02] Heidi wishes she had someone to talk to during the dark times

[13:12] Body image issues as young as age 10, growing up in a fit family

[15:52] Never force exercise on a kid, lead by example

[17:10] The destructive binging and purging behaviors didn’t cease until I was pregnant

[20:26] Placing emphasis on strength and not the number on the scale

[22:21] My training changes when preparing for a show

[23:02] My husband Chris just listened to me when I talked about my shame

[24:53] Drew throws Lynn under the bus

[25:37] Heidi throws Chris under the bus, public image wise

[29:31] Is Heidi meaner than Chris? Somebody needs to have a firmer hand and be a real friend

[32:13] What will happen to Chris & Heidi after the tv show ends

[34:10] Balance is a moving target especially family/work balance

[37:09] I MAKE time for fitness because I want it in my life

[39:45] Do people make themselves a victim

[40:44] Tabata 4 minute fitness program

[41:34] What inspired the fitness competition and being coached

[44:17] No thanks, I don’t want to risk my health with a fit2fat2fit experience

[47:10] The Lightning Round









Photo Credit: KaceyLuviPhotography/@kaceyluvi

Quest Nutrition



Sep 15, 2015

Knowing what you are good at and not good at can save you lots of money, just ask Chris Powell. He figured out (by trial and error) he was a much better trainer than a businessman. He openly admits to his hard times and shares how living in a bitter place transformed him to become the friend, husband, father and trainer he is today. He believes being vulnerable can open a person up to growth and change your life forever. Losing weight might be the end goal but the way to get there is through your heart and mind.


Key Takeaways:

[3:07] Chris is a father of 4 and the host of Extreme Weight Loss

[4:10] Drew and Chris’ first meeting

[6:16] Somebody always wants to take a picture when eating normal food 

[7:55] I indulge in my cravings but I balance it out with additional measures

[9:51] Is it possible to cheat the system

[11:12] Chris didn’t think he was going to be a trainer, he was going to be a pilot

[15:27] Training has always been a passion

[16:07] Producers are always looking for new idea’s

[17:49] Super obese people want help we just don’t know about them

[18:19] An e-mail changed two lives dramatically

[21:07] I lost all of my money on bad investments

[22:39] A seedy pick up line worked on my wife

[23:45] Months after we pitched the show idea ABC bought it

[26:48] Losing everything caused me to be bitter but I had to go through hard times

[29:23] Accepting your vulnerabilities can open you up to growth and change your life forever

[33:47] Power struggles are behind many of my arguments

[35:13] Ego is a powerful tool in transformations

[37:15] When the cameras go away and the scale stays the same what happens

[40:12] Chris would never do a fit2fat2fit experience

[42:26] Breakfast cereal, straight cream, fried chicken and milkshakes

[44:13] The lightning round 








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Quest Nutrition



Sep 11, 2015

Lynn and Drew welcome us to listen to their new podcast. They answer the most common questions they receive, Drew about his Fit2Fat2Fit experience and Lynn about why she only works with women. Drew is not just another trainer with a 6 pack. His experience has given him a unique perspective on the mental and emotional draw of today’s common food options. He wrote a book to share his experience with the world. Lynn feels women are more harshly judged by their physical aspects and knows it is harder for women to lose weight. She believes learning to love oneself is an important first step. Subscribe in iTunes for their next episode! 


Key Takeaways:

[:15] Why we like Quest Nutrition 

[1:31] Drew who? and Lynn the Foodie 

[4:33] Why Drew do the Fit2Fat experience?

[5:07] I wanted people to embrace a healthier lifestyle change

[6:11] The journey was mental and emotional 

[7:53] I was pregnant so I was happy to have good food in the house

[9:31] He was obsessed with his health and fitness to the point of disliking carrots

[11:02] What training methods have changed since your experiment?

[11:52] I really do focus more on the mental and emotional side of weight loss

[13:39] I don’t pretend to know exactly what it’s like

[14:31] Why do you only work with women, Lynn?

[14:57] I had some underlying bitterness towards the physical differences in weight loss 

[16:33] I learned why it is harder to lose weight but if you love yourself it’s easier

[17:35] Our goal is for overall better medical health 

[18:46] This podcast will have interviews with people in the health industry

[19:42] All feedback is welcome 

[20:00] Drew will have a part in an A&E show in the future

[20:45] We are working with Natalie Hodson on Dollar Workout Club 

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